Feature Request. Add Filament Cuts Current/Total (Like Layer Count)

I’m not sure if this is a firmware or Studio issue. It would be nice to display the current and total filament cuts for the current print on the device screen, similar to layer the layer count. Also add total lifetime filament cuts like the hour meter on the printer screen. I would use it to determine when to change the cutter e.g. every xxx cuts.

Not essential, but a nice QoL upgrade. Keep up the good work!

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Hey there, thought I’ll give this feature request a boost.

The printer firmware can track the number of cuts since the last reset, and prompt users to change the cutter after a certain number of cuts, similar to what it does now for other essential maintenance tasks.

Right now I’ve to guess and take out the cutter to check, which is more involved than necessary.

A counter would be very nice :+1:
But a total lifetime filament cuts cannot be given because its depending on your filament type.