Feature Request: Assign AMS filament to user filament settings

I would love to have the ability to assign user presets to the AMS filaments so if I do a sync or resync on the ams filaments, I can have my personal filament settings populate automatically.
It’s kind of annoying having to go through and change filament settings manually if you have a bunch of user presets that are preferred over system defaults.

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See, I knew there would be confusion…

I already know and have user presets in use.

I want the ability to have those user presets IN THE AMS. Not just the slicer, so that when I sync or resync the ams settings I don’t have to manually reassign my user presets.

Right now, only SYSTEM presets are able to be set within the AMS. which is stupid.

No, I am not working backwards.
My point is it is stupid if the slicer has the ability to set user presets for filaments and utilize those in the workflow, why, when I change filaments in the ams, do I not have access to those user presets IN the ams?
If I switch from a 3rd party pla to a 3rd party petg or cf filament, and have a user profile for it, I have to set the filament to some generic one and then go back into slicer, sync, and then change it again to my preset? This is stupid, inconvenient, unintuitive, and a waste of time.
If the user presets were available in the ams, they would auto populate when I resync.
Now do you understand what I mean?

I agree. And I’m cursing a related problem: Whenever I put a new roll of filament in the AMS, do a PA calibration and save it, it will be new or overwrite an old one. Fine. Now when I do a flow calibration and save that, the new profile will always be based on the system default: Price will be in USD (at best) instead of my local currency, my preferences for certain bed temperatures are all reset to the system default. Even the color will be unset despite all parts of the system know the RGB for it.

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Exactly. Whenever you change a roll, everything needs to be reset two or three different times!

I currently run Bambu filaments only, but still have all mentioned problems.


It is quite obvious to me that you do not understand what I am saying in my request, and instead want me to just accept what they want me to do, which is to use their own filament.
HOWEVER, they do not offer a filament currently that meets my requirements, so that will not work for me. Perhaps if they do in the future, I may choose to do so.
Bambu Labs does not pay me to use their machines, therefore, they have no control over how I choose to create my work with it, nor do they have any say or control over which filament I choose to use.
They DO give me the ability to enter my own filament parameters and settings in a user profile, and save and select that from within the slicer.
MY point is if I change a filament in the AMS, the ONLY way I can set that filament to my user profile is from within the SLICER. Not the touchscreen. Sure, I can walk back to my office and assign my user profile to the slot, which is what I do, but it should be available from the touchscreen as well.
Say I load one of my AMS with a filament, then decided to change that on the next print, or load a different AMS with a different filament.
If I have 4 AMS on one printer, and 6 other printers with an AMS each (or 20 machines) This can be a serious, time consuming procedure in which I have to either do one at a time to keep them straight, or write everything down, then spend 30 minutes to an hour to reset all my filament in the different machines.
If I have to do that 3 or 4 times in a day of printing, I spend more time assigning filament than I do printing.
Perhaps that can give you a bit of perspective here. NOT everyone has a single machine and a single AMS doing hobby printing and printing knicknacks and bobbles.
I have different machines for different filaments for a reason. some for ABS, some for PETG, and some for PLA… for reasons…

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Hi, I just want to check something here - you words you have used channges a bit (Assign, change etc etc) so overall, do you mean

  1. SELECT a pre-made (but custom created) user preset (one thats already created previously doing a custom preset in a slicer and synced FOWARD TO PRINTER previously - but still knows about it - you just want to SELECT it)

  2. CREATE\MODIFY custom filamenent\present types, edit existingn pre-mades, do flow calibrationns annd save to those presets at the printer LCD panel then send BACK to SLICER from the printer (or suck back and SYNC from slicer\PC), basically using the Printer\AMS as the source of truth?

I see the use case for #2 - you unnload a bunch of new filament in the worksshop, you load it up on 2\3 machines, your holding the filament box, and quickjly edit the parameters and kick off a flow calibration on that printer, move to the next pritner\ams .etc etc etc. - whilst they are all finnishing the flow\fillament K value calibrations, you walk back to the office - and sync up all your new filaments … etc etc.

IS that kinda what you mean? Also - are you on any of the BETA Firmware or BETA Studios?

Curious as well as I have a similaar application in mind, apologies If I am asking dumb clarification questions :frowning:

Mostly 1,but use case 2 would be awesome to have as well.
My intention is that if it exists in the slicer, it should exist in the touchscreen as well. At a minimum, I should be able to tell the printer touchscreen what presets to have available.
If I sync presets from the touchscreen to Studio, it should not only tell me what filaments I have loaded in the ams, but also tell me what presets are currently available in the touchscreen.
I should also be able to sync my custom presets from Studio to the touchscreen.
If memory is limited, give me a manager to choose the custom presets I want available in the touchscreen.
I am a member of the beta team for both Studio and the X1carbon and run beta firmware for both.