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I am requesting that after a manual pause (pressing pause button on the printers screen or in bambu handy) or a gcode sliced pause (add pause using the slicer in bambu studio) basically any pause I ask for, that the wipe feature be changed in the firmware to mimic or be at the same process/speed as the wipe during a color change.

My issue: I have a gcode pause on 90% of my prints to allow me to prep the model further like adding threads or magnets etc. when the resume button is pressed 50% of the time the purged filament sticks to the nozzle and is dragged to the model. It then may attach to the nozzle causing bad blemish or even failure of model. This happens with all filament brands (using pla mostly) on my 2 x1c printers. The wiper has been changed on one printer and it still occurs, the 2nd printer is only a few days old and nozzle wiper is not even close to being over used.

I found that the wipe that occurs after a pause is invoked from printer or sliced gcode, that the wipe movement is very fast. During a color change the wipe movement is different though and slower as well. I have never ever had an issue with a color change wipe procedure. That leads me to the assumption that the wipe request during a color change is far superior to the wipe request of a pause print awaiting user input to resume. Pls change this speed in the firmware to have cleaner results after a pause. I’m not the only one with the issue, I have talked to multiple people on the bambu official user group and more have had the issue.

Bambu Firmware


I have to agree with this. Same problem where the blob or string after a filament run out happens gets attached to the print. Why after a filament does it not do a purge then a proper wiping then go back to printing?

Edit: This is on a P1P.

I’ve found the same behaviour with long prints I’ve manually paused at a colour change vs those that I’ve paused within the same colour,

As a workaround could you perhaps include a dummy colour change at the area you want to do the pause - maybe between two AMS slots with the same actual filament in them (might need to tell the slicer/ams they are different colours to get it to do the swap).

I accept that using this approach would mean you end up with a prime tower - but that might help to avoid the extra bits of filament finding their way onto the real print,

Alternatively it does seem to be possible to add to override the pause gcode - not sure if this is used for planned pauses, or all pauses - bit it may be possible to add something in there to stop the strings.

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I tried a prime a couple times, one there was no issues during the pause so I just ended up wasting filament on the tower, the other brought the purged tail of filament to the tower and failed the tower to where the next layers were printing in the air, some of those were brought to the model. Might be super rare but I think if they just adjusted the flush length to a larger size so that it has enough weight to get flung off and slowed down the wipe movement to match the color change wipe movement it would be an easy fix