Feature request: check if build plate in present

After bed level calibration the machine knows approximately where the bed is, so it should be able to warn the user (message on control panel and Bambu Studio) when the build plate is missing. Something I’ve done a few times! I understand that the X1 does this as it’s got a downward facing camera.

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The P1P will look for a barcode on the build plate and throw a warning if it can’t recognize one, or if it’s not the one selected in the slicer. Are you using a non bambu plate?

Another way to check for the build plate would to try and touch the part that sticks out the back where the nozzle wipes. This assumes that if the bed is moved to the very top of its range that it will not cause any damage by hitting something.

We already know that the bed can hit the very bottom of travel and that is not a problem.

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It could have been as easy as putting a QR code on the bed so that it would error out if it ever saw it.

Yes, I’m using a Bambu plate. I haven’t seen any warning.

Make sure you have the build plate detection enabled in the print options. I have an X1c and it always tells me if there is no build plate or if it differs from the one I sliced the project with.

Unfortunately the P1P doesn’t have that option :slightly_frowning_face:

This is a really needed feature. I’ve nearly printed several times without the plate installed.

Don’t want to think about what happens if it actually starts printing on the actual heated base…

I’ve done this a few times and filament doesn’t stick at all!

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Unfortunately not always. I just had a P1S accidentally get set to print without a build plate on and it messed up the bed leveling and scraped the bed surface damaging it. It would be a nice failsafe to check for the wiper section of the build plate before wiping and aborting if nothing is there.