[Feature Request] completely manage print profiles

The majority of model designers (not saying you, just a very large majority) are terrible at creating good profiles. The default settings in Bambu Studio / Orca are horrible and you see these unchanged a lot (grid infill, I’m looking at you).

Ultimately, just because you’re the model creator, doesn’t mean you get to tell me how to use my printer. That’s the whole point of other people being able to upload print profiles - to improve, alter, or tailor settings to different machines/set-ups.

Designers already get a giant “designer” label on their profiles, plus a bump to the top of the list. That’s more than enough.

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first of all - yes - I also have models where I do not care so much. these are the models from my beginning here. if you carefully read the whole thread you would have read that in the last statements that I said → first classify your model (I don’t care about profiles or I care about them). I also would classify some of my models → I don’t care - do what you want. But my prominent models which are heavily printed / downloaded → I wan’t to take care!

so it’s not about telling you how to use your printer. you always have the ability to download a model, change all stuff locally for you and print it. this is an option which will be always there. BUT - when the model designer e.g. says “my model is under licence and I do not want to have any other changes” this should be respected. then I:

  • do not want any print profiles
  • or I accept print profiles BUT I want to take care about these profiles. so under these circumstances I don’t want to have any bullshit profiles. I accept other profiles and I’m even professional enough to admit that a profile is maybe better than mine. then this is totally ok. but I want to have the power to decide it because it’s my model. the designer label is not enough. just think about the licence. at the very beginning I was thinking that saying my model has “standard digital licence” is preventing any kind of profiles. …this is not the case. so when it’s possible to add a profile having that licence scheme then the author should completely decide whether something is able to be published.

In the past I directly contacted the user when something in the profile did not match. This needs time. during this time a lot can happen. sometimes there is even no reply. shall I accept that someone is adding bullshit to my stuff? NO. so I have to report it. this takes time. bambu has a lot of things in the pipe and this won’t get less. so in the future a profile management for the author is a WIN/WIN.


start a patreon where people can directly pay you for your work instead of sharing it on makerworld, then you can be your own boss and control whatever you want

you completely miss the point… you do not need to share my idea but stop commenting such nonsense


@AussieGrit said it perfectly. just because your the designer doesn’t mean you get to control how people use the model forever. if you want that then dont publicly share your models.

and I argumented with the licence and that you can do personally what you want. but this does not apply for sharing that stuff (change of a licenced model)! this is under the licence of the originator. you can’t discuss that away because that is the law!

edit: …and please stop writing “then basicly do not upload your models”. this is not part of the discussion and leads to nowhere… I want to share my models to the public that’s why I’m here. I just want to preserve my rights and remove bogus content I not want to have! when I have the control over what is shared within my small context then I can have the control over the quality. ok this is a little bit breaking out of the context but even bambu writes on their own:

they admit that the designer should know best whats good and not (ok some users are not experienced enough thats right but with the review process I’m asking for they also learn something new!) so the designer should decide what’s added to the profiles and what not.


I would argue the opposite.

The majority of profile creators (I’ll throw the same caveat here that I am not specifically talking about you, I don’t know you specifically) don’t know the intricate details of parts that require strength in complex designs and simply throw either “standard” practices or practices that work for SOME models into a profile without very much care or thought.

Many profile spammers are just in it for the points and they congest the lanes for people who actually have good profiles/designs and those who are willing to discuss errors/changes and implement them.

If it’s an intricate/complex design I don’t want anyone else putting a profile together that won’t print identically what was intended and waste other folks filament/time. If it’s a very bland part that doesn’t require dimensions/tolerances/exactness, then sure that is what a toggle would be for. Go ahead and change a few settings.

What we want here is an OPTION. :slight_smile:


the way u use “foreign” i can tell u life in east germany… lol

there are no models for sale on here anyway, why do ppl even complain???
is it because of a 40euro giftcard LOL?
mw is a absolut beginner site to get into 3d priting with their new bambu nothing more!

if u have designs u only want to sell why dont u upload them on other sites if ur designs are so valuable and importat just dont upload them on here

as a real engineer or designer getting pissed because a bunch of noobs doing semi pro stuff is just whack like i said there are a ton of more proffessional sites

if you had read the whole discussion you would know it’s not about the points, money, … It’s about reputation and quality of the own work. you don’t have to agree but you also do not have to write text with no valuable content.

all your “sell your stuff” or “don’t upload your models” comments are exactly the same as the profiles I do not need added to my models. they are not valuable and show that you do not understand the topic.


u dont understand my post! makerworld is the wrong place for building a reputation in the first place!!! do u understand it better like this?

ur post is about ur ego and ur need to get attention by getting likes, u think the forum needs this? !



comments about “go to another site” do not help in any case. makerworld is still in beta and appreciates such requests. what are you doing here in the forum if you don’t like it? it seems it’s your ego and not mine!

I’m a professional product owner / solution designer / lead developer and this is exactly my business → finding benefits to improve the user experience. here I’m also a user who want’s to have some new features where everyone benefits. my feature whish does not make anything worse. also it does not prevent anything in your personal doing.

…but all what you do is argumenting → “dont get here”, “dont upload any model”, “go to another site”… you absolutely miss the point the discussion is about and your comments do not contribute anything which helps to the topic.


@Basti85 take the negative reactions with a grain of salt. Many of them are probably profiting off of the print profiles they are spamming. Spammers are heavily incentivized to keep control away from the model creators, and they’ll fight tooth and nail to prevent this feature. Don’t get too upset, that’s just the way it is, currently.

I think giving the Designer the option to do Quality Assurance and policing of their own design’s print profiles is essential. However from Bambu’s perspective it may mean less print profile uploads (since many could be disapproved or ignored by the designer). To keep the site healthy from Bambu’s point of view they should probably add a couple of restrictions to this feature:

  • Only allow a Designer to opt-in to moderating print profiles if the model already has a print profile. This incentivizes model creators who want full control to also upload a print profile.
  • Disallow removal/hiding of the last print profile. Again, if a Designer wants full control, they have to leave a print profile in place for people to download.
  • Auto-approve new print profiles after a set period of time (30 days for example). There’s a danger that Designers become inactive. At that point new print profiles for future printers could not be approved. This is awful from Bambu’s perspective. If Bambu releases new printer Z1 or whatever then new print profiles might not get uploaded that include settings for their new printer.
  • Move all of the Designer’s uploads to opt-out if they haven’t been logged in for a set period of time (6 months for example). This allows completely inactive accounts to revert their models to community control for the same reason as above, removing the 30 day waiting period for auto approval.

I think these restrictions on print profile moderation are reasonable, and will help keep the community and makerworld healthier overall.

This is all aside from the legally dubious problem that print profiles contain a modified copy of the model, even when the Designer’s license expressly forbids distributing modified copies. So giving Designers control over their own derivative works may help keep Bambu out of a legally precarious position. But that’s a topic for a totally different forum post.


your pissed about this profile? then just report it, that persons profile is no different than your profiles. layer height isnt enough of change to warrant a new profile according to everything that has been discussed here over and over.

thx @Moez for contributing! yeah you are right - havn’t thought about the trolls who may see a danger in my post :wink:

you are absolutely right. these additionaly rules you just mentioned will complete my first requirements :slight_smile: if you don’t mind I will wait a while and try to create a single post mentioning all these requirements as user-story for bambu.

…this is exactly what I wanted - a meaningfull discussion for creating a new meaningfull feature!

and @Dukester → no I’m not pissed about Alex’s profile. I’m doing the exact opposite. I’m also recommending one of his models in another model as it is making something different better. and yes - I also wrote to him because in his first version of the profile you mentioned there was no indication about the fitting in the profile and asked for renaming and he did. I still would name it differently but this is not the point here (btw → there are changes but you do not see them. material & printing speed he changed manually). so you see - I’m in contact with some people and do not want to have all the points by my own. I just want to be able to have more rights regarding the print profile management and I’m not the only one…

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I 100% agree with @Basti85 and would very much like to manage my own profiles. I have people who literally just download my object’s print profile, then upload the exact same to my object. I just worry that some folks may get confused when they see so many profiles and not know the differences-- not to mention the subtleties of different settings that I’ve made in order to make a print work correctly. And, no, I’m not going to take the time to download other profiles and walk through each and every setting to see if they are correct.

Just getting Bambu support to respond to an exisitng issue takes long enough, but to have them have to track down profile spamming too? Nope. Just let the creators manage the print profiles of their own creations.


Another spamming profile of my model: Not only does this guy gang up all the models on one sheet, creating a 26+ hr print that if something goes wrong it kills the whole thing, he also uses tree supports when the design was specifically created to not need supports.

Not only that, when the model doesn’t print correctly then I (not he) has to deal with the frustrated customer and low ranking in the comments below.


See my warning below.


nice idears, i also have a adittion to this, I think it would be useful if makerworld would automatically add the profile made for A1 mini to for example A1 because it will also work on A1 mini because its even bigger.

This should work like that already. Any A1 Mini profile should print on the A1/P1/X1, and any P1/X1 profile can print on the A1(full)/P1/X1, and any A1 profile will currently only print on the the A1

Yeah I noticed that I selected A1 instead of A1 mini and then it confused me why it didn’t automatically add the other printers to the profiles.

Really needs to allow use to moderate our own uploaded model, it makes no sense for other to add and take over.

I have different revision model update. The foreign copy contains the old revision that needs to be removed. We have no control on that and that lead to people complaining the issue they don’t realize they are print from an old profile uploaded by someone.