Feature Request - Hide Sidebar .. (Update [Shift + Tab] achieves this)

Hi, I was going to ask how to do this, because I remember doing it in SuperSlicer.
I tried searching the icons on how to hide the sidebar so I could zoom on the build plate and got nowhere. SuperSlicer has some blue chevrons, and then I saw the tip "Collapse sidebar [Shift + Tab}

Bingo sidebar reduced on hitting [Shift + Tab] but maybe there should be hint or small icon to highlight this.


Thank you for posting this. I am on a small screen and the sidebar takes up nearly 1/3. There definitely needs to be something explaining this. An icon with the shortcut tooltip would do. Or perhaps just hovering over the divider to provide the “size” adjustment icon.

Keyboard shortcuts do appear in the Tooltips that pop up at program launch, but I think there are too many to assign icons without cluttering up the screen and menus.

There is a complete list at Bambu Studio Keyboard Shortcuts and 3D Scene Operations | Bambu Lab Wiki

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Thanks for posting this … it is very useful on a laptop with a small screen.

I recently realized that simply typing a question mark in Studio brings up five pages of these keyboard shortcuts. I won’t call it a discovery, since it was right there at the top of the Help menu all the time.

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