Feature request: Klipper / moonraker / others

Hi, I haven’t seen this suggested here, I’m sure this has been thought of but wanted to see if we can get more traction.

Clicking through from the web to printer in one easy step is so powerful I really want it to succeed, and part of that metric is increasing the number of uploaded 3mf files. To that end expanding the ‘send to printer’ functionality to include klipper / moonraker would help the whole ecosystem significantly. Moonraker will accept gcode over a http request, and being open source PRs possible if required.

Congrats Bambu on probably the single biggest step I’ve seen in making 3d printing accessible for a much wider audience - now we just need to amplify MakerWorld with 3mf files as much as possible.


These are all great ideas, and we will definitely take them into consideration in our future planning. Thank you very much for your input!


UwU this would be a nice addition