Feature Request: Notifications for Micro SD

This is a feature request to implement all notifications when printing from SD card. I like to be able to “re-print” easily so I mostly use SD card printing but not having print/error notifications really sucks. Maybe I got spoiled with octoprint and the ability to get all the notifications I wanted on my prusa’s but I feel like this should be a “out-of-the-box” feature.

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I know this isn’t what you are looking for but if you reprint via the Handy app or from Studio you will get notifications.


thanks for that tip, I’ll have to give that a go. The other reason I like to print from the SD card is because it doesn’t send to the cloud.

Handy/Cloud is the only option if you want notification on your phone. I think you will get notification in Studio when in LAN mode when you reprint from there but I haven’t tried it.


Where did you look for notifications and didn’t find it?

It’s not that I didn’t find the notifications, I did and they are on, it’s just that it would be nice if the handy app notified regardless if you were printing from cloud or not(SD card). I assume this should technically be possible since the printer itself is triggering the notifications to be sent to the cloud then to the handy app(at least it seems like that it is how it is currently working).

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I concur that any job done on the printer should send notifications.
The printer knows my account. It shouldn’t matter if I send the job from my PC, the phone, SD card, or reprint from the printer’s control panel - it still knows my account. So tell me.
The need to respond to a fail is just as real. The need to get a ping when the job is done is just as valid. If I’m literally standing right there at the printer I shouldn’t be forced to go through the PC or the phone when hitting [REPRINT] just so I can get a notification.
The need for this expands with the number of printers. If I’m walking down a row of machines hitting reprint, reprint, reprint, reprint its so much faster than phone, change machine, reprint, change machine on the phone again as well as the physical world, reprint… Its just all about improving workflow

Update 03apr2024 - My P1S doesn’t send updates to me even if I start the job from the Handy app. So that app remains as useless as ever. Its ONLY existence on my phone is to be the receive of notifications for jobs I start from the PC.

Please - make the printer behave in a way people would want and expect.

As someone who uses a Micro SD card most of the time for printing, these would be a great feature.