Feature Request - Print History Data Aggregation

Any plans to be able to filter and aggregate print history data? It sure would be nice to generate data by printer like:

  • Total print time by day, month or all
  • Grams and/or meters of filament used
  • Hours by AMS slot
  • Maintenance and cleaning reminders
  • Hour set points that trigger message or email

I second this feature request. I have a little over 3000 hours printing between two X1C’s and it would be really nice to filter and search by a grid and calendar in the Handy app. I’d also love to see a grid in Handy of all the webcams from one screen instead of having to go into each individual printer.

Yeah more stats like this would be awesome

I agree, that stuff would be great. I am sure that the data exists somewhere.

I agree, I’ve been trying to track this manually based on the print history in the app, and manually copying data to a spreadsheet… It’s a pain in the neck to say the least, so even a way to export that data (Filament usage, print time, printer name, etc.) would really give us data nerds the opportunity to share with the community in other ways.