Feedback to BBL #001 Re Tinted glass

Tinted windows are cool and make almost anything look better. But, for the P1S, it would be great if you had the option for clear, un-tinted panels so I can see what’s going on without opening the door or the top which lets all the heat escape.


Add more light. :wink: Here’s looking into my X1C with the door closed. And it’s not even on the brightest setting.

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Wow! Don’t leave me hangin’. Tell me what you did to get all that light!

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There are many models for the top lights. I did this one. There’s probably a hundred times as many COB LED light strip kits on Amazon. I used this kit that comes with a dimmer switch, power supply and the light strip. You cut the strip(s) to lengths, and they come with double-sided tape on the back. Be sure to follow the instructions for cutting the strip.

I have my lights and the printer connected to a remote-control outlet so I can turn them on/off from my desk. Both the printer and light switches remain on so the power is controled by the remote.

Forgot to mention I have an AMS on top of the printer, so I didn’t print the top TPU light shield. It’s probably not needed any way since the light strips are angled down.

Now that’s what I call giving specifics! Thank you so much for your time.