Filament club

So I am at the end of my free membership in the filament club which is a mixed blessing. Every month for the last 6 months I have been purchasing the maximum number of discounted spools even if i did not need it, I still purchased because it is a great deal. I have so many spools of filament i have to keep a spread sheet to track them all. I think I have almost every color in PLA basic, PETG, and ABS. Anyone else discover this drawback of joining the filament club. lol

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Are you aware that they made the discounts permanent? You can never escape the discounts now!


Uh, oh … I’d guess I will join the club pretty soon. :smile:

You were in the club when you bought the printer. :wink: All you had to do was sign-in and put it in your cart. I bought a few rolls after I got the printer, but the quality of the filament was mediocre and took a week to get here. The Green PLA sample that came with the printer must have been old and was trash. And that’s where it ended up. I’ve only used the interface sample a few times but at least it hasn’t broken up in the AMS.

I’ve settled on a couple of other brands that work well for what I’m doing. And they typically get here the next day. That’s all that matters to me since it’s my nickel.

That’s funny. I’ve had such the opposite experience. That green has become one of the filaments I try and keep extra in supply of.

I have all the colors in the PLA Matte line! I’m working to get stock of like the metals though, which aren’t part of the discount program, sadly.

Bambu doesn’t have versions of my favorites though. Like I reallllllllllllllly like Polymaker’s Muted white. I also like their Savannah yellow. It’s close to Bambu’s Lemon yellow, but there’s a little more richness to that Savannah yellow. They are also severally lacking Red in a few areas, like metallics or transparent PETG.

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Then you must have gotten fresh filament. Mine kept disintegrating in the AMS–Like seven or eight times. I finally turned off Discovery and pulled it out. :smiling_face_with_tear:

I fear this is the (sad) truth! :smile:

Ok, it’s more like “I know …”. Currently I owe 16kg of filament. :see_no_evil:

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I wonder about their filament sometimes. Where it’s manufactured, what their sources are, what are their methods of quality control. I’ve always used Polymaker and Overture up until I got my X1C. I have to admit, I like the whole RFID setup though, and the discount programs have made it affordable enough that I’ve been getting Bambu filament more so lately.

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When I got my printer it came with a roll of the Bambu support material, a half roll of green and a half roll of orange… The green had little white marks across all the strands and the filament could be seen and heard sticking to itself and basically ripping away from the other strands as it printed… Did it print good? Yeah, it did. Was I concerned as to the quality of the filament after seeing this? You betcha…

However… When I informed customer support about this concern they basically said “yeah…? So what?? And…??? …Did it print bad? No? Okay, then why are you bothering us…?” which I kinda half-understand but at the same time its like, clearly it shouldnt do that or be like that…