Filament Cutter Sensor Cable Broken


I have a big problem. As i tried to release the PTFE Tube from the tool-head, i slipped and cut the ribbon cable going to the Hall-Sensor of the Filament Cutter.

As i tried to expose the copper of the cut ribbon cable I lost all hope in soldering something there. My only hope now is to go to the connectors directly. From pictures of older versions there must be like 4 cables ( GND, VCC and 2 Data i guess?).
Does anyone know the Pinout of the Sensor and connection Board?
Maybe i can short some pins to trick the Printer or send some G-Code to deactivate this function? I think i wont need the sensor after all.

I cant find any replacement for the cable on the shop and already wrote a ticket to Bambu Labs.

Here is a picture of the lost Ribbon-Cable

I hace the same issue and put in a ticket with support. What was Bambulsb’s fix for this? Did they send you a new cable?

That really looks fixable. You must get a syringe of flux gel, this stuff is amazing it will make the solder pool together and not stick to the traces next it. If it does, clean the soldering iron tip add more flux and try again. If you’ve already giving up on fixing it then you don’t have anything to loose besides $5 for some flux. There’s loads of videos on YT about this. Use quick touches with the iron as there’s not much to warm up and longer touches may burn the plastic.

I have the same issue. Mine tore when I was following the Wiki instructions of checking the connections and peeled back the black harness tape. I don’t feel confident in flux gel fix.

Any suggestions from other users?

Thank you,

I have the same problem is there one we can buy and just replace the damn thing