Filament dryers to work on the ams unit

with all the builds I’m surprised I haven’t seen anyone take the lid off the ams unit and model brackets for sunlu filament dryers so ams feeds in and out of them

I bet money you didn’t think it through logically before posting it

Why? That will be 10% by morning, just replaced the desiccant and loaded a couple of different spools.



The dessicant can remove moisture from the air to slow down how waterlogged the filament gets, but it cannot reverse that and cannot dry the filament, and so the moisture level in the filament will gradually increase. A dryer will heat the filament to force the water out of it by evaporation.

You may feel the dessicant is sufficent, and it might be if you live in a dry region, use the filament quickly, and have a type that is more water-resistant, but I have to dry filament and find dessicant insufficient on its own.

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desiccant keeps things dry but it doesnt dry them.

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I understand that desiccant won’t dry filament, which is why I also have a Sunlu filament dryer.

My filament is either dry and ready for printing (in which case it is in the AMS or a vacuum bag with desiccant) or in the filament drier (in which case it is not ready for printing). I don’t understand why you would feed filament that needs drying into your printer or store dry filament in a dryer when the AMS is excellent at that.

im just saying there is alot of ■■■■ people make that just doesnt seem very logical and surprised havent seen this one yet haha

what happens to recoil in the unmotorized sunlu spool, a birds nest is what happens.

and…it was your first post, I just couldn’t…I guess I should remember even folks who have zero mechanical thought processes need to 3d print too. I apologize, the AMS uses CAM software and hardware to move a spool roller in the bottom of the AMS, your sunlu filament toaster does not include any mounting space for a port over, and then comes the heat issue as it’s an active dryer it actively heats the filament and the BamBu products (thinking PCB’s and plastic gears and magnets) that weren’t created to work in that environment. Not saying it can’t be built and engineered but even cannibalizing both products to Frankenstein something could be done but the heating element is still an issue though.

You must not live in the tropics :slight_smile:

Close enough, east Texas. When it is 75F outside you break a sweat walking from your front door to your car :wink:

Google tells me says that’s in the USA on the south coast. It’s hot, but not as humid as some other places.

You are absolutely correct. The average humidity here in the summer is around 95%, there is a whole nother 5% before we start breathing liquid :wink:

You don’t want to be feeding hot, soft filament through your AMS drive gears.