Filament drying

It is often stressed, also here, how important it is to use dry filament, and especially so for the likes as ABS and ASA, which are extruded at elevated temperatures. Generally it is suggested to heat these filaments for more than 6 hours, at temp’s of > 60°C or so.
I just wonder if heating these coils in a microware oven would be possible, after all, this will evaporate all the water, and wil not do anything to the plastic.: if a glass, stone or plastic plate or cup is placed in a micro ware, they also will not heat up, unless they are (partially) filled with water, or another fluid.

If this is the case, why is this not being promoted, and if this is wrong, what is exactly the reason?

Here’s a good read on the subject.

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Thanks Barry, I’m ‘cured’ all clear now. :innocent:

I did look a little further, and find that Bambu recommendations are as follows:

So from 50 -85 °C
now did I have a look at a number of available specialist driers, and I am surprised that none of the available dryers can come close to 85 degrees!
Have a quick look at the varies units available from the worldwide Amazon:

and scroll down to:
Customers who viewed this item also viewed, where different makes are listed, but not one getting warm enough for the sorts like ABS,ASA and CA.
So, there are no suitable dryers on the market which meet the needs of Bamb Labs?

I bought this for less than $80. But they are closer to $120 now. It goes to 80c for 24 hrs. You can fit two at a time. Its not energy efficient by any means. But it gets the job done. She pulls 400watts.

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I think it’s ok if it only goes up to 70, you just need to dry it longer.

Or dry with your X1C/P1S printer: Filament drying cover for X1C/P1S by maruel - MakerWorld