Filament membership discount not applying to 4 rolls

I put four rolls of the PLA basic into the cart but it’s only showing the discount for three rolls and not the fourth. Anyone have this problem as well???

if you look at the pic I attached at the bottom it only shows 3x (three times) the discount price. When actually it should be 4x and the discount price even higher. Not sure why it’s not doing that for the 4th roll, it does it correctly when adding 2 or 3 rolls.

Have you bought any other discounted rolls this month?


Duuuuhhhhhhh!!! That was so obvious, geezz I had a brain fart. THANK YOU for making the light bulb go off! :rofl: Yes you are 100% correct, I have purchased other rolls this month and only have 3 rolls left for discount.

Thanks for asking the obvious question I didn’t ask myself!!! :grin:

I don’t know about you guys but I’m just a simple country boy from New York City. I hate complicated deals like what Bambu is doing. Make it simple, give me your best price. If I got to get out my slide rule to calculate the best slope or point of inflection for when I should pull the trigger? You know what? That’s too complicated and what do I do? Click-AMAZON!!!

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I so wish we had access to the suppliers you guys have in the EU and the US, here in the good old South Africa we pay $37 for a refill Bambu Lab of PLA basic.

Yup, theres an issue with their shopsoftware, almost a month now…

No it wasn’t an issue with their software. I forgot I had already used 5 of the 8 discounts I had for the month, so I only had 3 left to use.

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Ah sorry. thought you were referring to the Filament membership.


I was, but it was my mistake. I thought it had an issue with my order but it turned out to be my fault not theirs’s

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can I ask you what you then paid for a Bambulab pla? Should be around 19.99 my price is 29 euro and I am in the program

I only had 3 discounts left to use for that month so it was $21.99 each. But when I place an order for 4 or more, it is $19.99 each.