Filament Membership for Authorized Reseller Purchases

Can Bambu allow consumers that purchase Bambu printers from Authorized Resellers to sign up for the filament membership?

I understand the free 6 month membership is exclusive to online Bambu orders. But I see no way of signing up for a membership for anyone who has purchased from an Authorized Reseller. There is also no cost listed for new or renewed memberships.

Seems like a lost opportunity for Bambu and people who have purchased a printer from a reseller.

They should but they don’t. I’m glad I didn’t buy my printer “A1 Combo” from them now that this recall is going on. I bought from Microcenter and when I chatted with them online they insisted I bring my printer back for a refund even though I had no box and my printer was past the return window. I would have been months dealing with Bambu if they would have even dealt with me having bought it through Microcenter. Microcenter did get a X1C with AMS sale because of how they treated me though. I’m very happy it all ended up the way it did, I got the best printer now and can appreciate it more having used the A1 for over a month. Screw Bambu and their membership BS

Did Microcenter give you the $80 discount on upgrade? The blog post says authorized dealers would give you that discount, just curious?. I just bought mine 2 weeks ago from Microcenter.

I got a full refund of the A1 from Microcenter over $600 I don’t remember the exact amount. I had them put it on a Microcenter gift card and used that to get the X1C. No I didn’t get any $80 discount on the X1C that I’m aware of but with the gift card discount from the X1C was $900 and some change more. Hope this helps and I didn’t have the box or anything with the A1 Combo, I had long since decided to keep the printer. The only thing I can say from my few days of using the X1C and the month or so of using the A1 is damnit, I wish the X1C nozzles were as easy as the A1 to change. Quite the involved process on the X1C, the A1 was remove the extruder cover, take the heat sock off and unsnap the latch and walla your nozzle was changed. Oh and the other thing, I can’t make songs on the X1C like you could on the A1, I don’t know if you have found this but that music it plays when you start it up etc can be changed and make songs you want. I had played with that and thought that was so cool that you could make sounds with the servo motors, this is how they made the music sounds.

Thanks for the update. I’m looking at the P1S now. Going to wait a couple more days and see if they say anything about the upgrade discount they mentioned.

I bet Microcenter will honor this discount, go talk to them. Just be aware that the nozzle changes are way more complicated on the X & P series printers. I like to swap nozzles a lot so this really makes me want to buy the A1 back at some point. The A1 smokes any other bed slinger printer I’ve ever owned.