Filament Membership pricing not showing up at checkout

I bought a Filament Membership and I can’t see how to apply the membership prices at checkout. I am signed into the store with my user account but when I add filaments to the cart and go to checkout I don’t see the prices I’m expecting. What am I missing?

What is the currency that you use verse what you see on the screen?

I am in Australia, AUD $ and in the ‘

I realise what now what confused me. Not all filament types are discounted with the membership.

What membership are you talking about?

It’s a membership program that Bambu is currently testing for the Australian store. See this thread for more details and here for the link to the AU store.


It doesn’t work for me either (in US)

Add more than 2 spools

2 spools is all that should be needed

Have you verified that you are enrolled in the Membership program?


Not sure… my Account page says:
Welcome Back…
Total Spent: $….
Bambu Filament Membership
Upgrade to the Bambu filament membership today and enjoy exclusive benefits and deals
I click that link & it takes me to ad. Click to join & it goes right back to my Account

So it sounds like you aren’t part of the Membership program…


Someone got a reply from Bambu labs on A1 forum Bambu filament pricing issue
« I got a reply from Bambu, they are working on a fix. Hold of ordering for now was their advice. »

I was having the same problem. It turns out the discount does not appear until the very last page of the checkout, where you enter your payment method. Step all the way through and see if a markdown is shown.

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