Bambu Filament Membership exclusive to AU?

Filament Membership Link

Anyone know when could we see this in more locations?

Edit: If you get a 404 Page Error just change the store to AU and you’ll see the membership page.

It does not looks to be working on any store

There are these

I can confirm it works on the AU store.


The true membership looks like it’s AU exclusive right now no matter the store chosen. Even though the ones you listed are “Filament Membership” pages.

Uh… will this be available in eu too ?

Hi Michael,

for sure they are already using a so-called CRM on the EU store so a filament membership is not really something what I really like to get. A membership it`s a nice way to getting bigger containers into a zone and for that getting cheaper shipping rates in General, to come into the game in a special zone - What you should want is a flair rate for regular customers. Have you ever checked Alibaba for the purchase of 100 kg of fillament - e.g. from E-Sun? May as sone they are in, they will give extrem pressure on all prices to become the one and only…


There is also Austin Texas I on Bambulab so they know what they are doing - The American way, more and cheaper by more profit through more sales through overtaking the whole market. From the production of the first screw to the direct sale of everything needed to the end customer… to take away all the headaches for the end customer step by step. It’s not just the printer that they optimize, they run thurh the entire “canvas new business model” so there will by no Chines company which can beat them anymore……

I wouldn’t be surprised if they start buying startups or even be taken over by one of the large technology group…