Filament Orders partial shipment

I’m new to the Bambu ecosystem and am pleased with their filament quality. It seems consistent. I mostly print with PLA and have probably printed 5-6 rolls.

My question is why are they shipping partial orders of filament. I ordered over 12 spools yesterday and I received notice that only 3 spools shipped. They were listed as in stock when I placed the order.

I go through 2-3 spools a week depending on need and I need a reliable source for filament. Is there another outlet to purchase Bambu filament?

I’ve had filament shipments broken up like that. Generally it’s because one warehouse does have everything so they’ll end up shipping from one of the others.

If you are in the USA, Bambu now has fulfillment centers in both CA and NJ. I have had shipments broken up depending on which facility has the stock.

As to dependability, if you are running a business and require a fairly Just In Time replenishment model, Bambu may not be as reliable as say Amazon with Prime shipping. Time to ship has been variable for me - maybe a 3rd party distribution center fulfillment service is running behind, maybe stock is still at the docks waiting to be released, but I have had between same day and 5 days from order to shipped. Time in shipping has been significantly different depending on which coast it shipped from, with CA taking over a week to travel to me in OH, and NJ is just 2 business days. Finally, Bambu routinely runs out of filament in the store to order.

What is strange about the partial shipment is that I ordered 3 rolls each of different colors. They shipped one roll of each of the colors. If it was a warehouse stock issue I would expect that some colors would come from one warehouse and others colors from a different warehouse.