Filament Price Increase on EU Website

I ordered a couple rolls of Bambu Matte Filament just last week from the EU store and paid $22 each for refill spools. Checked today, and noticed it is now $27! That’s a big price increase in just a matter of days.

Maybe this?

Yes, the addition of VAT would account for it. Thank you for sharing the info. I had looked and just couldn’t find the reason for the increase.

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The price did not increase, before you just didn’t notice that VAT was added later when you were doing checkout :wink:

It is a marketing strategy to advertise prices without VAT (less is better) and then hit the customer when hes actually paying. Thats why it is not allowed to display prices without VAT in EU.


Yes, I love the way items are priced in Germany where I live. The sticker price on the item is what you pay at the register. None of this having to do math in my head to add sales tax for a final price.