Filament prices

I am currently in email correspondence with BL and they don’t seem to be answering me. I have recently bought my BL X1C plus two further AMS. I was automatically put into the filament membership “club”. With this you get filament at a reduced rate. I have gone on there this week and tried to order more filament, I’ve tried to go for refills as I have loads of unused reels, these turn out very cheap at just 18.99 euro. This is until you check your cart and prices at the end where you are actually paying 19.46 for each refill and not 18.99 at advertised. It’s only a small amount but if you advertise something at a discount then they should stick by their word. It is probably a glitch but they don’t seem to want to solve it. Yes I have ordered more than required for the discount. The current price for a refill is 28.46 to which there is a discount of 9 given which leaves 19.46 and not 18.99 as it should be.
I underits just a small amount but I’m retired and it was difficult enough to get my wife to agree with the printer so please forgive me.


What country are you inside of? Somewhere in the EU, maybe different tax rates?

The price you see is with the German tax (19%) and will be re-calculated at checkout depending on your country.

Could be I suppose but I go all the way to checkout and it’s never 18.99 per refill which is what they promise. It’s a psychological thing to me like the fact that all manufacturers are reducing size or contents in packages to make more of a profit at our expense e and it leaves a nasty taste in your mouth of dishonesty

sadly I bought my printer at a microcenter and they won’t even give the discount at all to people who bought their printers at a brick and mortar location. I agree they should stick by their advertised price but I’m just jelly about not getting the filament membership at all despite buying a printer.

Don’t blame Bambu Lab for not reading the webside. It’s explaned the prices you see is with German Tax because the EU warehouse is in Germany.

In accordance with EU regulations, your purchase from Bambu Lab web store will be taxed based on the VAT of the destination country.

Prices listed on the product pages now include the applicable value-added tax rate for Germany, where our EU store is based. For customers outside of Germany, the value-added tax rate displayed at checkout will be adjusted based on the shipping country. If your delivery address is in Norway and Switzerland, the price on the checkout page will not include Value Added Tax (VAT). Learn more about the update.

Im in Spain but what is really weird is that your paying a different price, i would be paying 56.92 for my two orange PLA refills!!!
what is really weirder (if there is such a word) is that i signed out but stayed in the EU page and checked again and the price had gone to the same as you showed above giving me a 18.99 price for 8 rolls!!! Ok going to checkout and sign in and see what happens…
OK, signed in and the price went up!!! WTF Anyway i did it all again and signed in again at the end with my basket and 8 refills and it now stayed the same so something weird going on. its too late now anyway as because BL were slow to get back to me i purchased them from Amazon at 15-16 euros a roll and they were 1.1KG.
pictures below, the only difference is the language in the top left