Filament rest on the print plate

After a couple of prints, my new X1C/AMS pulls filament onto the heat bed.
ePLA-ST from eSun printed with included eSun PLA+ profile.
In two cases it ruined the print.It’s not every time. But increasingly often.
Now I noticed, that after the first layer, the head moves back, after a couple of seconds it wipes the nozzle and then a piece of extruded filament sticks to the nozzle and gets pulled onto the plate.
Anyone with the same problem? Any help is appreciated.
Kind regards

I find this happens more when there is plastic stuck to the nozzle. Making sure the nozzle is clean I find a get a lot less filament that sticks to the nozzle after the wiping procedure and is dragged into the print surface. A light brush with a brass brush while the nozzle is hot can remove anything sticking to it.

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Hi Jon.
The nozzle is very clean. For me, it looks like the wiping procedure doesn’t work properly. But I am not very experienced with Bambu printers.

Hell… if after a few weeks, the bottom of your printer isn’t looking like a bird cage, you’re not printing enough. :rofl:


Your chute may be clogged and it’s dragging poop out. What is that in the back that looks like it’s covering the chute? Doesn’t look like a standard wiper either. Can you post a clear picture of that area?

Are your bearings escaping?

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No. Those were test prints that I popped off the plate and was too lazy to retrieve.


I printed four at once and after the second one measured perfectly, I just popped the others off the plate and forgot to retrieve them. Call me a slob but there’s a lot of surprises I find in the bottom of my Bambu Bird Cage each monthly cleaning. :grin:

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