Filament Swatches (2nd Edition?)

I purchased the original set of filament swatches a couple weeks ago, and it’s been super useful for planning out projects.

I was wondering if Bambu Labs might consider releasing a second set of swatches to cover the rest of their materials? I’d love to have samples of their entire catalog to make purchasing decisions easier.

The original swatch set has 80 samples, and (if I counted correctly) there are about 73 other materials/colors Bambu Labs offers that aren’t included with the swatch set currently available.

I know the rest of the materials are generally more expensive and geared towards engineering, but I wouldn’t mind even paying $20-30 for a new swatch bundle if it included everything else, like all the TPUs, translucent, carbon fiber, metal, glow-in-the-dark, nylon materials, etc.

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Agree! Particularly now that they’re discontinuing PLA Tough.