Filename sent not matching SD card

When I slice a file, and then “send” to the SD card I have inserted into my X1C, the filename is ALWAYS the name of the .stl or .step file I imported, and never the name of the project I saved, or even the name of the file (which I edit) and send! See picture

How do I get the filename on the SD card to match what I send to it? I need to slice the same model, at different scales, so I need to be able to rename it.

Change the “Model Name” in the Basic Info of the Project tab before sending to the printer if you want to change the display name of the file on the touchscreen.


Thanks, Matt. I will try that today.

Was there an update to Bambu Studio that removed the “Basic Info” from the Project tab?
If so, is there now another way to rename the project?
I can rename it on a local disk, but on the printer it revets to the original project name/