Fillament always sold out, what is a good alternative?

It is really annoying that all useable colors are always sold out. I mean always lol. It is kind of a joke - especially because bambu is selling memberships for filaments. Anyway, I wanted to ask if anyone has some good available alternatives, I tried 3Djake, Sunlu and Extrudr so far, where the sunlu was by far the best. Which 3rd party filament gave you the best results?

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I use:

  • Bambu Lab
  • Elegoo
  • eSun
  • Sunlu
  • Eryone
  • Jupiter (123-3D)

All with good results.

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E-sun gives good results

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I just discovered that Polymaker Polyterra PLA is exactly the same material as Bambu matte PLA.


Hello Alex, can you indicate how you came to that discovery? Just curious! Last year, people stated that Bambulab PLA is the same as eSun Pla+
If it is true (polymaker I mean) that could be a solution for the stupid shortage of Bambulab Pla Basi in their european store: At the moment there are only 3 coulours available of the 20 (spool) an 13 (refill) colours.
But there is another point: the polymaker spools are cardboard spools and my experience with these spools is not very good . . .

I think, someone on Reddit claimed it, so I was curious and ordered a roll of the Polyterra white and compared it the Bambu white matte PLA.
The guy mentioned that Polyterra PLA has a very unique texture that he also found in the BambuLab matte PLA.
And I fully agree. Just by feel of the filament itself, i can discern other matte filaments but Bambu and Polyterra feel exactly the same. And also prints look identical.
Maybe that isn’t a proof but at least to me a very strong hint.

I didn’t see Hatchbox listed as a good alternative. I’ve been using their filament for about 10 years, and I’ve always been pleased.

Simply speculation. Thanx…

I have had excellent results with Matterhackers PLA Build series of filament.

I use polymaker polyterra, works very good!

I’ve been using Hatchbox for 10 years. I’ve always been satisfied.

The SUNLU filaments are your good choice.

I’m a big fan of PolyTerra PLA, but the cardboard spools suck with the AMS. I use spool adapters, but it is quite a hassle to put them on as I switch the adapter when I switch the spools … I should print more adapters :sweat_smile:

But print results are always excellent with PolyTerra!