Filters / Tag blocking not working on makerworld

I have put every variation of the word “hueforge” into my filter list, yet my feed is still full of the garbage. I will never have the desire to print nor see the junk and would like it wiped from my feed, so i can navigate quality 3d prints without it cluttering my feed and/or search results. Please fix this ASAP as its frustrating to sift through 100’s of them to find good stuff to print.


Unfortunately this the main reason i don’t visit MW daily. Only when I really need ideas to design something, then I roam the pages of MW.


Are the items in your feed tagged correctly, or are they bypassing your filter due to missing tags?

no as stated before they have the tags in title and/or description as shown in this sample

another sample

Last I checked my filters weren’t catching these hueforges either. Also the option to see less of this type of design didn’t change anything for me. I do agree with someone here that suggested we could block users from showing in our feed, just like in any social network.


Having to filter/block out a whole category just seems wonky to me when it’s only a few that seem are going to the extreme in said category.

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@tjb I agree with you, there should be more granular control, although I don’t care for any of them so I don’t really mind never seeing any of them anymore.

I do wish there was a different way to organize the front page other than popular trends. Something similar to Reddit where you subscribe to your topics of interest and you get a sprinkle of trends here and there.

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It’s annoying when filters don’t catch everything you try to avoid. Have you tried reaching out to support or checking if there’s an update or a better way to set up the filters? Sometimes, some little tricks or settings might help refine what gets filtered out.

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BUMP because my feed is still full of yawnforge garbage