Finally got my X1 Carbon - Black Friday

Just purchased my X1 carbon with AMS for $200(CDN) off, a free roll of PLA Sparkle and PLA-CF, 10 rolls at discount price (worth it in Canada), 0.2 and 0.6 hot end, high temperature and textured plate.

I can’t wait until it comes!!

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Nice! Best printer I’ve owned, just works most of the time :slight_smile:

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Make sure you dry your filament and do all your calibrations and you should have no problem.


Already have two Sunlu S2 dryers, dessicant and vaccum bags ready to go. :smiley:

I snagged one today also. I just hope it don’t take forever to ship.

I am hoping that since the sale is a full week, that people wouldn’t rush to buy it the first day, so I will most likely get the printer in a reasonable time.

Hopefully I am right. I have been resisting buying it for two months to wait for this sale and I don’t want to wait any longer.

My printer is coming Monday and some basic PLA filament on Tuesday. My other type of filament and accessories haven’t shipped yet.

Hopefully the other filament doesn’t take too long, I need PETG-CF for some things I need to build.

I got the printer yesterday, it is amazing.

I printed a part last night (only cost $0.70) to allow me to put the AMS on the left side and am printing some printer tools this morning.

I cant wait to see my inventions become reality with the click of a button. Much easier and cheaper than trying to find parts to fit my invention or adjusting the invention to fit the parts.

Me too just tying it out now :slight_smile:

Congrats! I am still waiting for mine! Thought it will arrive today but it now says Dec. 5

It is amazing! I have been printing so much the last couple of weeks.

Mostly stuff for the printer or the printer workshop so far.

As I am designing and printing, I think back to how hard, time consuming and expensive it was too make my ideas before. The printer makes it so much easier, faster and cheaper.

I couldn’t afford to get custom parts made before, so I would search around hardware catalogs or other websites to see if they made something that fits. And if I couldn’t find the part, I would adjust my design so it would work with something I could find. Once, the perfect part for an invention I was making was a punk rocker spike. I needed a conical object and after searching and thinking what would work, I realized that the punk rocker spike was perfect.

Now, if I want a custom part, I can just make it. And what is also great is if I measure something but am worried about the accuracy of the measurement, I can print and reprint a cheap thin part to test the length until it’s right.

This printer is a total game changer!