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Hello everyone, I am a beginner in 3D scanning and 3D printing, this is my first time posting on the forum. After reading the product introduction of bambulab, I was very interested. But since I am a novice, I don’t know much about the technical parameters and don’t have much experience. I hope I can get help from everyone here.

For small crafts like the one shown in the picture, I need to use a 3D scanner to scan the 3D model, and then use a 3D printer to restore and print it out. Basically, they are all relatively small handicrafts, with the basic size between 20-30mm.

Now I have used my MIRACO 3D scanner, used close-up mode, and added reference object scanning to obtain a basic 3D model. The STL format can be directly used for 3D printing.

So, I would like to ask if anyone has any recommended 3D printer. I hope it is easy to use and can be operated without too much learning. The accuracy can restore the real object. I am worried that I will not be able to use the SLA printer. I hope it is an FDM printer. , X1C or P1S? Are there any recommended models and related operation guides and experience sharing?


I will look forward to and thank you all for your help~

You should probably say what kind of filament you want to print with, because the answer will likely guide which printer people steer you to.


Do you plan on printing them directly in multicolor or do you want to paint them?

For the best reproductions of model details so small I would probably recommend an SLA printer and painting the prints afterwards.

However, if it has to be FDM, I would try an A1 mini with a 0.2mm nozzle. There’s no reason to go any larger if your target size is only 30mm.

If you really want to print with more than 4 colors (I see at least 5 colors in your example photo), then you’d have to go with the larger machines – but honestly, I wouldn’t really recommend that for your use case. It’s expensive, quite wasteful and won’t give a good color reproduction from a scan.

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Do you have any recommended consumables?

I just print the white mold, and I will color it later. So which one is better, SLA or FDM, and are there any recommended consumables?

SLA will give your more detailed prints, but is a much more messy process (dealing with resin, washing with isopropyl alcohol, UV curing, etc.)

FDM is easier to get started. I would recommend: