Finding MakerWorld models from google

Does anyone know how long after publishing a model that it could appear in a suitable google search?

right away, add your profile name in the search

Yes, also on Yeggi - It’s a bit annoying that Makerworld requires an account that I don’t have.

But since I very rarely (actually never) download models, I can handle it and on the other hand, search functions will be integrated at some point anyway, it’s always just a matter of time.

On Google you can enter the “-” so that the corresponding parameters are excluded. e.g. “3D print -printebles” than you do not get any result from e.g. “printebles”.

To see if your model is indexed by Google, type the exact URL incl. https:// or http:// (in case the server still uses http://) into Google search. Depending on how important the subpage of a placement is, indexing by Google can happen in just a few hours or minutes or after several months - I don’t know how quickly this happens on Makerworld…