Finding the original green?

Maybe a year ago Bambu sold a “green” (number 10500) PLA which was really a blue green. it has since been replaced with “Bambu green” and “mistletoe green,” which are both more legitimately green colors, but I really liked the old one. Anyone know who made it or if there’s a similar color available elsewhere?

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Hmm that looks more like the bambu green to me, the one I have is much darker. I’ll have to snap a photo of it, it’s a deep blue green.

This is the “green” that I got from Bambu last year

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That looks really similar to Makita Blue, and so a Google search for “Makita Blue PLA filament” will turn up multiple options. For example, this one from ProtoPasta or this one from Paramount.

The ProtoPasta looks a little greener in their sample photos, but in the user photos it looks like an exact match to your picture.

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Thanks! That’s definitely a close match. In real life the filament is a little greener than Makita blue (assuming you’re referring to the company that makes power tools), but it’s similar.

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Yeah, the power tool company is what I meant :slight_smile: A search for Makita Blue brings up filaments that seem to vary from greener to bluer, so it’s definitely worth trying that search even if the color isn’t an exact match.

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Maybe this site could help in finding a similar colored filament? FilamentColors

For example: Bambu Lab - Green PLA

That must be the new green though, right? It’s not like a teal color at all.

Yeah the ones on FilamentColors are all the new green. I actually sent in a sample of the one I have, but it hasn’t been added to the site yet.

I did find this one though, which I think is close enough for my needs:

I’ll have to order some and see how it stacks up.

Keep us posted, because that blue green deep teal is one of my favorite colors (hence why I’ve been in this thread!) and I may have to buy some! I love ProtoPasta but $50 for a kg to get their version is beyond my budget.

I just ordered a spool of eSun’s “S-green” from Amazon, I’ll let you know how it compares. I’m optimistic though, because I found a review complaining that it was too blue :laughing:

I did notice that color green is not available on eSun’s website, which makes me think maybe eSun is the manufacturer for some of the Bambu Basic filaments, and that they discontinued the color.

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Inland Green is very close in color but it is slightly darker.

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eSun green is also very similar but slightly darker. It’s very close, but if you were finishing up a print started with one and switched to the other you’d definitely be able to tell.

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It’s the S-Green at ? It looks way greener in the pics on Amazon! I would not have guessed it would be this blue-ish.

Yes, it’s that one. It’s less blue in certain lights.

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