Firmware Update fails [solved]

After downloading 32-46% the A1 reboots but does not update to fw

Does anyone else has the same problem?

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One hour later I had success.

So edit the post please

I can mark it as solved, but I don’t find any option to delete the post.
The trash symbol doesn’t work. “You don’t have permission to delete this topic.”
I asked an admin to delete it …

Ignore him. He is a weirdo in this forum Lol

I have totally the same problem.
Update to OK.
Update to failed.

I tried complete reset but it did not help. :man_shrugging:

Damn… 2 days I was unable to update the firmware and after my previous comment the update successfully completed… :man_facepalming:

I had the same issue and I am still unable to update. Strange.

(post deleted by author)

5 minutes after i wrote this IT finally worked Tip for all Who habe the Same Problem use Bambu Studio on your Computer to update