Firmware update - asks to recalibrate. Why?

I updated to the first firmware that had the motor noise cancellation feature, and naturally it was necessary to run the calibration process for that after the update.

However, there have since been two updates (last one today), and each time after updating it shows a popup about the nose cancellation feature, and gives you the choice to press “Later” or go to the calibration menu.

Given that I came from a firmware that already had this feature, and it was calibrated, why does the firmware (seemingly) suggest that it needs to calibrate again?

Not a big deal, and to be sure I run the calibration anyways. I didn’t test printing without recalibration, so I’m not sure if the noise cancellation would actually work on the old calibrated values, or if those are lost in the update.

Anyone tested that?

havnt tested doing the update as i type this actually but perhaps there have been some minor tweaks to the noise calibration so it asks because of that just a thought though

I did the calibration and it seems they change a small thing. I can’t help feeling that the printer has become a bit quieter with the latest firmware update. I regularly have to walk to the printer to see if it’s still printing. What a difference compared to before the introduction of the active motor noise canselation.

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Or it is a generic request regardless of calibration data. Probably to ensure everyone calibrates as some users will skip updates or have new machines that haven’t ever updated.


true ur prolly right most likely a blanket request to catch everyone and not have anyone get overlooked

One would think that they’d know if there is already stored calibration data for noise cancellation, and if there is, no need to show that prompt.

If the calibration data is lost (or somehow invalid for the new firmware) on update, then naturally the prompt is necessary.

I reboot and run calibration after every firmware update as a rule, there may just be a change or update that needs the machine to reboot and the firmware may tweak something else that requires the calibration.

My normal firmware update routine is reboot after firmware completed. Full calibration with another reboot after the calibration. Then another bed mesh since it was rebooted again.

If you have problems you may consider a factory reset also.

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The new firmware calibration method could be using different patterns and frequencies.

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Possibly, but if so, it would have been good if the prompt actually said that. If there is no change, and the old calibration data is preserved, then there is no real reason to rerun the calibration.

Again, it is not a big deal to spend 20 or so minutes on a full recalibration, but I’d just like to know why.

Usually you dhould rerun calibration after any firmware update just incase for some reason the calibration settings got corrupt after the new firmware. It doesnt take that long to calibrate and it should stay until another firmware update.

What they have to do sometimes since the printers memory is inly so big is they have to reconfigure the memory and sometimes this causes some data loss in the memory.
So better safe than sorry.

I think it is just a standard message like @JonRaymond suggested. I looked at the firmware history after each of the newer releases and they didn’t say they made any changes to the noise cancelling so I didn’t recalibrate it.

That being said I decided to recalibrate everything today because of all the comments suggesting it’s a good idea.