First failed print, could have been saved

Today I came home from work to be greeted by my first failed print on the A1 Mini. I knew I had an issue because the handy app the notified me that there was trouble loading the filament. When I got home it was obvious that my spool of blue silk pla from Bambu labs had a wicked tangle in it. I would have been able to rectify it but the other end of the material was still stuck in the extruder. The print had paused and the bed was still plenty hot and the print still adhered to the bed. I could have saved the print but it didn’t let me control the hotend or the extruder while the machine was paused by the error. It would not let me issue any load or unload commands even though there was material in the extruder. I’m hoping in case this happens in the future, the firmware will be able to eventually allow you to gain control of the hotend temperature and the extruder motors while it is paused due to trouble loading filament. If you are able to, I certainly couldn’t get it to allow me to. Anyway, just a heads up. If you’re filament roll tangles, it is a easy fix as long as the other end of the material hasn’t made it into the extruder. To be able to gain control the extruder motors and the hot end temperature I had to abort the print. I’m basically posting this because my wife is tired of hearing about 3D printers and I wanted to get it off my chest to someone. I should mention the offending spool, which looks like it might possibly do that again later on in the roll, is Bambu Silk Blue. But this is a roll of filament from when they first started selling their own filaments.

If you would have cut the filament, it should have set off the runout sensor…
this again, should have let you reload the filament.

I had a tangled spool last week, it re-started on it’s own making spaghetti.