First layer inspection when printing by objects


today I printed to parts with the print-sequence by object.
I could see that the first layer inspection checked both parts after the layer one from part one was printed (he checked the clean surface from the second part).
When the layer one from part two was printed, there was no check of the first layer.

I don’t know if there is a setting to fix this or if this is a “bug” at the software/printer.


Ive been watching mine lately with an external camera, and noticed the infrared laser. It turns on and off all the time checking details and im assuming adjusting. I also notice a visible red light was always one when printing petg yesterday. but i did notice that too a few days ago when i printed multiple objects on the plate.

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I just had a same issue. I suppose this is due to safety reasons, to avoid the collision. First layer inspection paths are defined by the machine - they are not in GCode. While sequential print paths are defined by the slicer. At the moment there is probably no way to check, if durring the second object layer inspection might be any collision with the first object. So they rather skip first layer inspection of other objects.