First shipping notifications in EU

I received my A1 combo yesterday.
The box was damaged with a hole in it. The parts inside look visually ok.
I made a ticket. I wait for Bambu’s answer before unpacking fully.
Very frustrating !

I received the answer from Bambu :
“In this case, we prefer to proceed with a replacement.”
I understand they don’t take any chances.

The problem now is that since I gave them my answer to accept their proposal, I did not receive any answer to my message…

Hi! Yesterdat it arrived my order in Spain. with the A1 Mini and the AMS
Very happy with my first impresion, but later I rememberd that I was bought a super COMBO, not only de printer with the AMS , thats included a smooth plate and diferent nozzles… but they aren’t in the box.

Somebody knows if they are arreiving in another package? the web page haven’t any info about it. Of course I’ve claimed but I woul like to know if somebody if in the same situation.


Yes, they send the combo in another parcel…

I am very happy with the smooth plate, I recommend a lot for PLA :slight_smile:

I received an email yesterday from Bambu telling about a 2 weeks delay. The Mega combo accessories will arrive in a separate package.

Announcement of shipment received for Switzerland! Can’t wait to receive it!

We are happy for you. If you could be more informative by saying when the order was actually placed…

Hi there !

Ordered from France on the 21st of October, ETA 30 November.

I got the shipment notification yesterday evening.
All in all if everything goes well I should have the mini exactly on time.

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Ok, I got tracking number on the 25th, yesterday as well. Order was placed on 2nd of November, Poland. So excited

ordered on Nov 12. Shipping notice yesterday

Order placed on November 7
ETA before december 8

I ordered on October 27 and yesterday I received confirmation that the package has been shipped. A1 mini with AMS Lite. (Germany)

do you have news about the mega bundle?

I ordered the A1 mini yesterday, without the AMS, somebody could tell me if has an idea of when It will arrive to my home? I am from Italy

does it take less than a week to ship from the warehouse?

The confirmation arrived on Saturday and the parcel left the warehouse on Monday

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tWithout AMS? or ams lite pack ?

Ams lite pack. deliverd today

Also received today for Switzerland. 60CHF customs clearance but happy!