First shipping notifications in EU

As of now, I got my shipping notification for A1 Mini for Germany. Order placed on October 16, 2023 at 8:01 pm
Cant wait to receive!

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I’m from germany to, but didn’t get any message yet.
Order on 16 exactly the minute they listed the Printer as avaible.

Now received my shipment notification!!! :star_struck:


I also received an email confirmation for today. The A1 is on its way.

Ich habe für heute auch eine Email-Bestätigung bekommen. Der A1 ist unterwegs.

Just recived my notification aswell. :smile:

Me too, this morning. I live in Paris.

And now delivery by DHL tomorrow!!

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For all of you who already received the A1 combo, which mystery did you receive ?

My A1 arrived today (wow so fast for 1 day) and is printing a small Christmas tree (LED).
I got an LED lamp kit.

I also received the A1 Mini, but the mega part was missing, I guess will be sent later.
Got the mouse, anyone want to trade for LED Lamp kit? :wink:

Hi, nice to hear that shipments finally start…May I ask you what was ETA, when you placed your order?
On my order ETA is 30th of November so I’m still waiting for shipping update.

I’m just impatient, and curious :grinning:

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My arrived today and is printing since it arrived.
My ETA was 25.
I recived the Engine Model.

I think i gonna buy the mice model to.

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Hi, I’ve also ordered form France, could you tell me when you did order, what was ETA, and finally if you have received your A1?

I ordered the 17th. I received an email that it was shipped yesterday. I believe it will arrive next week.

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Order placed on October 16, 2023 at 8:01 pm
ETA: Before Nov 25th
Received in Germany today, just the combo, assuming mega part will be shipped later.

Shipping code is done

Ordered mine on the 16th Oct and received my shipping notice at about 2am today, (19/11)

Received today in Spain :slight_smile: (ordered on 16-5)

It’s nice to hear that, enjoy your prints with your A1. As I sold my Prusa mini when I placed the pre-order for the A1, I’m printerless at home since 21 October…
ETA on my order is 30th of November, with shipping to France it should arrive first weeke of December.
I’ve already sliced so much things…A1 will be busy from day one.
Wish you all good times & good prints


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And now the mega part of the combo order is shipping in separate package.