Flow Dynamic Results not usable

I wanted to see if I’m making a mistake or if this is a bug (designed this way). I am using Polymaker Polylite PLA Pro which prints fairly bad with the default Polylite PLA setting in Bambu Studio so I did all the tuning on the a “user presets” filament profile.

I went into the new Calibration and ran the automatic while choose my user profile for my material, ran the test and got a K value close to what I have tested in the past. Going into the Device tab and then trying to apply those settings to slots in my AMS doesn’t work. Because I have my own profile, I use Generic PLA in the AMS slots and then set a profile in the Prepare section. If I change the filament in the Device tab to Polylite PLA then I can choose the automatic profile created by the Calibration.

I’m thinking it’s because I built my user preset profile based on the base PolyLite PLA default and then saved it off but I can’t choose that profile in the AMS slot because they only allow the default 5-6 options. Based on my changes I would prefer to use the Generic PLA filament in the AMS versus the PolyLite option. This would obviously apply for any other material that I used besides the builtin ones.

Thoughts? My only thought was to edit the code of my user preset one to have the upstream json point to the generic instead of the PolyLite one, so maybe I made a mistake a year ago when I created it…