Flush to Object could be better

I made a video about this, but maybe it’ll get some more traction here. In Bambu Studio you can set objects to be flush objects, and it will reduce the amount of purge waste created, but it only works for the first two colors, and it doesn’t stop purging to the purge objects if you if it purges enough, meaning it might over purge to the objects, and the, again, it doesn’t purge the 3rd and 4th colors to the object at all. It’s functional, but it could be way better if Bambu would put a little time into it.

Would you like to see this feature to better use the AMS?

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Totally agree, coming from the Prusa Side and seeing how they have implemented the wipe tower and purge to infill with no additional “poop” waste, I really hope they upgrade the level of efficiency in waste on the PiS side.