Focus on print profiles favors PLA over other materials

My X1C mostly prints ABS. This means any print profile I’m likely to actually print and provide a picture of uses ABS. The problem is that Makerworld seems to emphasize print profiles over models for rewards, so my print profiles which use ABS are far less likely to get popular rewards than PLA ones. Also practically nobody is uploading ABS print profiles so I’m not going to get rewards for rating others profiles.

A big part of why the X1C is great is because it can handle materials that other printers cannot, but Makerworld is pushing in the wrong direction.

This has nothing to do with MW, it’s the userbase. Your ABS profiles don’t get as popular as PLA because you’re a minority with that filament choice. PLA is much, much more accessible and popular and that’s why those kind of profiles have more traction.

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Well it actually is related to MW when their reward system focuses more on print profiles than actual designs - you can be interested in producing good designs but unless you’re willing to print them twice (the way you want in ABS plus the way that’s going to get you rewards) you miss out. Likewise you’re not going to get rewards for print profile reviews if print profiles are all going to be in PLA when you want ABS.

Eh, i can’t really agree. MW gives everyone the same chance of getting rewards but you are choosing to serve a small pool of people.



I think that’s because Makerworld was originally aimed at A1 mini users, hence it’s release at a similar time. Their idea was to be able to simplify 3d printing for those that don’t want to design or play around with settings (or print with engineering-type filaments). The emphasis seems to be focused on multi-colour “toys”. I still don’t believe profiles should be rated, there should be one released by the designer (to satisfy printing from your mobile without a slicer) and you should only be rated on the design of the model. My opinion.


I would disagree with the reward system favoring profiles > models. Models get 25 points per 25 downloads while profiles get 4 points per 25 downloads. And every profile download regardless of who made it adds one download to your model so if you don’t want to make a PLA profile someone else can for you and you’ll still benefit from it.

I will agree that it’s unfortunate that different materials get less interactions than PLA, but like others have said, PLA is the popular choice so it’ll serve less people to not have it


Actually, filament type is not so important for a print profile. Even you uploaded a print profile with ABS filament, users can print it with PLA and vice versa.

If users print MakerWorld models on Bambu Handy, the printer and filament settings in the 3mf will be discarded, and re-slice the 3mf along with the target physical printer’s type and target filament types (users may even choose their own filament preset). The newly generated G-code uses the filament parameters which you actually choose.

We clarified this in the FAQ part.

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Does that mean you can’t then rate the print profile, as you’ve used your own to do the print? Otherwise it makes no sense to be able to rate a profile that you didn’t use.

Sometimes some filaments can shrink, is there a way this can be compensated in MakerWorld/Handy?

In Bambu Studio, which settings are you usually using to compensate the shrinkage? Flow ratio, brim or some other settings?

Personally, I scale the part. I’ve heard of some other people using the xy contour compensation setting.

The shrinkage compensation is for dimensional accuracy.

Sometimes the scale percentage is less than a percentage point (e.g. 100.6%)

If you are using xy countour or scaling to compensate the filament shrinkage, it is currently not supported on Bambu Handy.
Users have to download 3mf to Bambu Studio and change these settings.

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Do you think this will come in a future update?

We will consider about how to compensate the shinkage.
In my opinion, it should not be a “process parameter” but a “filament parameter”.

When you change to a different filament (which has been calibrated for the shrinkage) on Bambu Handy, only choose your own filament preset should generate correct result.

Users do not need to change parameters like XY offset everytime as per filament type.


Yes please! And please have it affect the Z axis as well.