Following without notification

I’m afraid this is a stupid question - but can someone tell me where new releases from followed designers are visible to me? In any case, I can’t find anything like that in the notification panel.

You do not get notifications about new releases from creators you follow.

If you want to view the models of who you follow you need press on the “me” tab in the app, then “Following”

On the website you click on your Profile picture and then on “Following”

That’s strange. Then what’s the point of following on Makerworld anyway? Simple bookmarks are a quicker solution.

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Following someone currently does nothing other than boost that person’s ego.

We will add a notification in recent release.
When your followed designers post new models, you will see a READ DOT at upper-right corner of “Following”.

Ideally it should be incorporated into a personalized feed that tries to show you models you’re interested in and just heavily weights anyone you’re following. I’d take that over trending any day.

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Maybe for Bambu Studio?

I have now removed recommended models in Bambu Studio. It’s just “advertising” that has no added value for me and takes up space in the overview, where I want to see at a glance which of my projects I have recently worked on. If I follow some users, it would be better to show the new models added by these users. The same would apply to the mobile app, which I personally don’t use intensively. The designers recommended by Bambulab can already be seen at Makerworld Website.

recommended models are not personalized in any way.

Every content platform from Youtube to Reddit to Twitter has the exact same general problem as Makerworld. How do you show people stuff they will be interested in when 99.9% of the content is either low quality or irrelevant to any given user.

The answer is scoring and vector correlation. You use principle component analysis or some other method to come up with a set of vectors for user preferences and then you score every piece of content and every user against those vectors and match them by correlation.

Totally agree. Personal recommendation is in our recent schedule.

The only user-specific metric that needs to be tracked is novelty. If someone has already printed an object they probably don’t want to see it again as much. And if they have already passed on something they’ve been shown a few times, they probably aren’t interested.

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“Following” is not an item in the list when I click the profile picture. I’m sure it used to be there…