For the love of god please fix your shipping of products

So you’d rather they lost the whole package will all 8 spools? This is not an uncommon thing in this day and age of shipping.
Also it’s not their fault that your package wasn’t delivered, it’s the courier’s, it’s like the people who write 1 star reviews for products because it was damaged in shipping.

Sadly the way they ship things will have to be one of the things I put up with. I just ordered my 8 spools of filament for November hopefully it will go better.

The shipping in the UK is bad too. I placed an order which was shipped on the 6th November, it’s now the 14th the package has already been at the local delivery depot for 3 days, I ask why?
The tracking now shows it isn’t going to be delivered until the 18th and I wholly expect it not to arrive even by then knowing YODEL are dealing with it. @Ciprian or whoever deals with this or pass the info on. Please change your courier/shipping agent in the UK to someone who is actually capable of delivering in a reasonable timescale.

My November order of filament was ordered Nov 12 and arrived Nov 14. Also everything was in one box. I think the filament club was a bad idea for me…lol. I can’t pass up a great price.

Well… Bambu does appear to picking up their game indeed.

I have been waiting since July’s announcement to purchase the back and rear bezels for my P1P. They have been sold out since the start and were only available as a $150 kit. I had just purchase the upgrade kit 30 days before that for $100 which included the glass door and glass top so buying the P1P to P1S conversion kit would have represented a waste of money.

Tuesday morning at 4AM I get an email stating that the long-awaited bezels were no in stock and at 7:30AM I placed my order along with other supply items like silicone socks, cutter blades, etc. in order to meet the $50 min.



I have to give credit where credit is due. They are paying attention to their logistics problems.

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Maybe thats the case in the US but in the UK it sure isn’t! My order is still at the local delivery office and has been there for the last 5 days now with no movement at all. :man_shrugging:t2::man_facepalming:t2:

I am merely a sample of one, so take that with a grain of salt. :salt: