For the love of god please fix your shipping of products

please stop splitting shipments up. I purchase 8 spools of filament and they got split into 3 different shipments. Then to make matter worse fedex says 2 of them had been delivered, but my security cameras show that nobody came to the door where they supposedly had been delivered to.


Welcome to the modern world where shipments can come from the closest available warehouse. If that’s what Bambu Lab is doing too, then you might have to save your ranting and raving for your FexEx delivery (or non-delivery) woes.

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I got the Fedex run around that they have to open an investigation… blah blah blah. I am more than likely out a spool of ABS and roll of PLA. What makes me mad is that fedex drivers make bank but they can’t even read a street name or number correctly? or did they just steal it? and say it was delivered. we will see what fedex says. I had to open 2 tickets one for each missing package, hence the frustration of having 3 shipments for 8 spools.

Like any job, all FedEx employees are likely not making bank. And like every employer, they likely have a fair share of average employees working there. It’s a sad state of affairs, but there are lots of people out in the workforce who don’t care about doing great work. They are just looking to do the bare minimum needed to get by.

FWIW, FedEx is by far the worst delivery company where I live.

Lucky you! Ontrac is even worse! (Also note that for us FedEx ground is horrible but FedEx Express is great.)

We’re at the far reaches of the FedEx ground route so when the driver doesn’t have time to make it they enter something bogus like “no-one present” or something like that. I’ve also had then claim delivery and then they show up the next day to actually deliver. My assumption is that the back office is most likely more guilty than the driver by giving impossible assignments…

My wife had a package say delivered and it wasnt a week later I found a pile if packages that looked like the delivery person just dumped them out. One was my wifes, I delivered the other ones myself.

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Actually… What if I told you that Bambu does not use FedEx? What if I told you that they use FedEx Ground? What if I told you that FedEx ground drivers are not FedEx employees but contractors who have to buy their own vehicles? And what if I told you that many of those drivers would not be employable for various reasons at FedEx overnight and UPS?

If you think of FedEx ground more like a rideshare, you are very close to understanding how those parcels ship.

For those who may remember the old Roadway Packaging Systems AKA RPS.

. They were acquired by FedEx to fill a big whole in their freight business that companies like UPS had a lock on.

When Fred Smith founded FedEx, it was with the concept that all packages would be shipped and sorted at a single hub(Memphis, TN). For FedEx overnight, that still is the bulk of how they handle priority packages. But once FedEx ground came into the picture, FedEX ground never used a hub and spoke process they used network of depots very similar to UPS or USPS.

It was explained to me by a FedEx employee that packages sent Ground are accumulated at aggregation points(depots). These parcels will only move when there is a) A full truck and b) an available and willing driver. A driver is not required to accept a route. Which is the reason during good weather and exceptionally bad weather, one might see a package stuck in a city not too far away, for days on end until there is an available driver. This is why people in rural areas get the worst service. Drivers get paid by the parcel, not the mile, or so I am told.

If you watch a Bambu shipment. It comes out of a warehouse in California. It may go to Arizona first or Nevada or Colorado within 3 hours of it being picked up. Then you might see it sit there for 2-3 days. Then it will race across the country to Chicago in less than one day. Then again, it might sit for another two days and race to your state. Then you might see it shipped to an adjacent state much farther from your house. Then you might see it ship 2-3 more times if your lucky, within your state until it gets to an aggregation point where someone with a full truck is heading your way.

Here’s what my sleuthing was able to figure out about Bambu. They contract the warehousing to a logistics company who has no stake in customer service. FedEx is quite popular with these folks because their software is actually quite good when it comes to interfacing to 3rd party client systems. When I tracked my own packages, I Googled the locations and was able to identify some of the freight hubs from work I do in my day job. It became pretty obvious that Bambu is just passing the buck and doesn’t care.

Click Here for a list of Google links for egregious examples of FedEx Ground Contractor mistreatment.

All quite interesting, but it doesn’t change my stance on lazy people in the workforce. The bar is super low out there in the corporate world. It’s a bit depressing since people spend the majority of their lives working for these companies (FedEx or otherwise).

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You’ll get no argument here. At the risk of taking this thread off topic, I will add one more item to those thoughts. 40 years ago when I started in the workforce, your word was your bond and breaking your word was a career limiting move. You were kept accountable. Sometime in the 90s that morphed to, “Not everything is under everyone’s control and we should be understanding…”. Ok… understanding. compassion… forgiveness… etc. But at what point in time did it morph from being unacceptable to break one’s commitments in the work place to the situation we have today where "you’re’’ the a-hole if you say something like, “You promised we’d have X on such and such a timetable”? It seems that now when one points out that someone lied or mislead or simply blew off their commitments, the person pointing that out is vilified.

At the point where someone decided “everyone should get a trophy”. I don’t suppose things will get any better either as each new generation seems lazier and more self-absorbed than the last.

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update on the missing packages. This morning i received a call from a Fedex person who had been doing the investigation into my missing packages.The GPS data from the truck showed it was delivered like 4 houses down the street from my house. they where sending the driver out to get them and deliver them to my house. when i got home from work tonight there they where.

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That sounds very much like my experience with FedEx ground.

I’ve had random packages some quite large delivered to my house that were not mine. One such package was a full size bed that clearly had an address that wasn’t even close to mine and in a town miles away. When I called FedEx as a courtesy they told me they couldn’t help me because I wasn’t the shipper. WTF??? I told them I would be placing the box at the end of the driveway for trash pickup. The box was so large I had to call bulk trash to have the bulk trash guys haul it away.

I’ve also had numerous parcels delivered to other addresses on my street and also found parcels thrown in the bush. I mean seriously, they act like a bunch of adolescents who are on a paper route, not like professionals. I later found out that this was in part due to the fact that their FedEx ground contractors are unable to unionize because they are independent contractors and FedEx used tactics to bust unions like randomly canceling drivers contracts and not reimbursing them for the FedEx vehicle they were forced to buy when the driver purchased their franchise. It blows me away that FedEx hasn’t gotten prosecuted for this conduct.

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My printer, AMS and even the P1S conversion were shipped perfectly all ordered at different times, the filament I recently ordered… another story. :man_facepalming:t4:

The boxes were slightly crushed but the filament was intact, just wish it wasn’t wrapped like this. Lol

i had the same thing happen to me. they posted a picture a completly different house the pasckage was delivered to… took allmost a month to resolve to get a package resent and actully delivered fed-ex did that to me and ups delivered my printer to the house at the bottom of the street. it’s crazy how these guys miss deliver packages all the time…

That… and also crazy that the people who receive the mis-delivered packages don’t do the right thing and return them to the address on the package (or at least the delivery service).

Careful before you judge. If you read my example story, even when one does to do the right thing, the shipper just goes radio-silent as was in my example with FedEx ground where they woudln’t come back to pick up a bulk item and said I had to contact the shipper. WTF??? How does one contact a shipper when their is no contact info on the carton? And while were’ at it, who is responsible for lugging this 100lb 4’ x 5’ x 6" box down to the trash when one does not have a truck and the curb is over 500’ away?

Well, I guess you already know this, but your case is likely very uncommon for mis-delivered packages that cannot be returned to the shipper. So, careful to assume I was judging your special case I guess.

Well… all the people I know in the world are only honorable and stand-up people… yeah… right… :sweat_smile:

I totally agree! My filament delivery was done the same way, some from so cal (where I’m at), and the other half came from New York (jersey) and FEDEX is pathetic!

totally disagree, I much prefer gettng spit shipments if all cannot be shipped at the same time.

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