Forum section request - Dedicated topic for Bambu print farms

Would you rather sell 20 printers at once or find 20 people to each buy one printer? The answer is both :grinning:

Print farms are an excellent market opportunity for Bambu - not only to increase market share, but to also advance innovation/commercialization in general.

It would be great to have a forum section dedicated to Bambu print farms so more innovators will consider starting them (more sales!), can learn from others, and Bambu can better understand the needs of this market.

I appreciate Bambu is a new player in an established market and is rapidly growing. But now the first generation of product developed, it is worth considering giving attention to key market segments such as print farms. Having a dedicated forum section is a minimal investment with a potentially large upside.


I second this. Mostly because I want to see peopleโ€™s pictures of their print farms! Always fascinating. :smiley: