Forum Spam

It’s clear that the forum has been discovered by spammers. Today I think I flagged about 20-30 spamposts, and it’s just 9.18 am. Don’t know if there is an easy way to battle this, as I don’t know if discotf has some ways to block spammers from joining.

It is still going on
(Also flagging them)

More moderators (i would volunteer, I’ve been doing it for almost 4 years on a different discourse forum and 2 years on another)

Stricter rules for new accounts which can affect legit new users. I.e brand new accounts can’t post links or create topics until they fulfill XXX requirements. Makes it not as easy for spammers but also harder for normal new users.

Discourse can screen IPs, Emails and URLs.

Also block certain words from being able to be posted. Just a few examples.


I’ve been using Stopforumspan plugins for forums I administered or moderated and spam dropped significantly. I hope that Bambulabs will look into this and find more moderators