FR: Alerting when spools are in AMS longer than X days

It would be great to:

a) see how long a spool is in the AMS already?
b) ideally set alerting per spool or even better filament type. Like “PLA alert when longer than 8 days”

That way it’s easier to manage filament dryness.


I don’t see the benefits of this. What difference does it make if a spool of PLA is in the AMS for 4 or 8 days? When you want to manage filament dryness you need a filament dryer.

Totally correct. BUT. Let’s say i use PLA - in my environment i can leave the spool in for 10days before it needs drying. I use PTEG it can stay for 7 days…etc. As the AMS knows when they are inserted, it could do the accounting for me, instead of me managing this.

When you use silica dehydrator in your AMS you don’t need to dry the filament. Unless you are storing the filament outside the AMS depending on how and the conditions. Silica will absorb moisture and prevent the filament from getting wet. However, silica will not dry the filament the way a dryer does.

That is too simplistic. (i could say wrong).

Silica inside the AMS will absorb moisture from the air, but so will the filament. Let’s assume you get 100ml of 60% hygro air into the AMS (e.g. open/close the lid). That air is not just going to the silica, it will spread around. Most of it will probably, due to the higher ability to absorb moisture, be absorbed by the silica. But a percentage will go to the PETG. And as the AMS is not airtight, that happens continuously. After 10days, if you live in a reasonable humid environment (i am in Zurich, switzerland. My indoor humidity is around 65% right now) your PETG will be done for after 2 weeks, no matter what the in AMS humidity is.

So no. Silica in the AMS will not prevent your filament from going bonkers.

In two weeks my spools are empty, so I don’t have that problem. :rofl:

hehe. I believe you. But the Bambulab printers are doing a good job making 3dprinting appealing to a lot more folks, and not all of them are printing on a daily basis. Filament management these days seems to be the only real hurdle for the occasional/hobbiest.