Front housing assembly - X1 vs P1S?

BLUF: are the front cover assemblies interchangable between X1 and P1?

I need one for an X1 after a terrible clog. Local microcenter has it listed as in stock, but as for P1P. Looks the same to me. Woudl much rather get it immediately locally than wait and pay for shipping.

You mean the hotend cover right not the actual printer front cover where the screen fits and all? It will fit but you will lose the logo light as the P1 series does not have one (there’s a logo but not cut out) and you will have to transfer the X1 led board and fan to the P1 cover as the connections are different or cut and solder cable and connector if your fan is bust. you will be better off ordering from bambu store

Interesting, thanks.Yes, the hotend housing cover.
All I really need is the lower black plastic part that is below the fan that has the chutes poitning at the part, those are what is all clogged on mine. It soudns like that part is the same and could just be swapped?

Its just dumb and frustrating to pay for shipping and wait several days for a $12 part.

Yes this is the same but it is positionned on the cover by very fragile tabs and bambu sort of either melt the end of some or put some glue on top (not too sure). I will be somewhat difficult to remove without breaking those small tabs although they’re more for positionning that anything else as the duct is really mainly held by a screw. Try first to remove it from your failed housing to see if it can be done without ruining it.

My vote is no. The wiring harness is different. However, you may be able to swap the circuit board and fan over, if those aren’t damaged.



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Please read the whole thread and not just part of it… He only wants to replace the fan duct and what you’re saying is just what I stated 2 messages above!

RatLabGuy, if your X1 can still print or you have access to an other printer, the duct is available here: Printables

It will not be as nice as the original and the tabs even more fragile than the stock one but you can put your printer back in operation while you wait for your dealer to procure the right complete housing.

The part cooling duct would be next to impossible to clog.
Could it be your fan is not working properly?

Well @RMB it turns out that I have a knack for doing nearly impossible things, especially when it comes to creating clogs.

That’s ABS. And interestingly enough the second time it happened in one day, with a handful of friends in between. Not sure what exactly was going on there, but it backed up inside of both cooling ports and made a solid block that was just not possible to extract because it had it completely encased. I even took a Dremel and cut it into little pieces up the middle and around the sides and such, but because of the way that it was filling inside and around the chutes there was just no way to get it out.

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@philch thanks for that link! I stopped by micro center and picked up a cover today (in addition to 2 A1 minis for my robotics program lol) however I think I’m going to set it aside and try printing this lower portion out of polycarbonate and see how it works out. I’m thinking PC because it is super hard, things won’t tend to stick to it, and has such a high melting temp.
Agree with others that it is not very well held on and if the print isn’t really good it may not seal well… We’ll just see what happens…

Ok well that makes more sense, you should have showed those pictures first.

FYI, went by Microcenter and got a housing (and, er, two A1 minis…)
Opened it up and low and behold - its the X1C model posted above with the PCB and everything.
Box says only “Front housing”, model FA001.
I guess they are just providing 1 now? Now complaints here.