Future 1mm nozzle option?

I would love a 1mm nozzle in the future.
I already have the 0.8mm nozzle but I still find myself going with 2 walls most if the time for extra strength. With 1mm I can usually just have one wall and little to no infill.
The 40W heating element should be enough, as I have the same on my other printers.

I would drill them out myself but unfortunatly Bambu Studio doesnt allow for custom nozzle sizes.


Yes definitely some bigger nozzles. Also so one can do vase mode with some proper thickness.

Do remember that you can print larger than the nozzle size.

I’ve been printing vase mode prints with the 0.8mm nozzle set to a 1.2mm extrusion width.

The nozzle size listed in Bambu Studio also really doesn’t matter. If you drill a nozzle out to 1mm, just set the extrusion widths to 1mm and it will give you the correct amount of filament.

So true, but coming from 1.8 nozzles and printing double that, we could use some bigger nozzles for the Bambu for sure. :slight_smile:

Hola, puedes compartir la configuracion para imprimir 1.2mm con mi boquilla de 0.8, nol ohe podido lograr


Read this as 0.1mm and was gonna agree, I have no idea what I would use a 1mm for haha

@rpinerd I use my 0.8mm nozzle for vase mode only, but it’s very useful for that. If you want to make funnels that are water tight for example, you need wider extrusion width.