G10 lightyear plate countering warped bed?


have anyone tried the g10 lightyear plate? they claim it is stiff enough to counter the warped bed, and make it possible to print all the way to the edge.

this is the plate Garolite Sheet for 3D Printing | Garolite G10 Sheet | Lightyear 3D

whats your thoughts?

Why aren’t you RMA’ing a warped bed back to Bambu? Adding another variable to an existing problem makes it harder to solve NOT easier

aleready opened a ticket, i just wanted to ask

For what it’s worth, I’m runnig my G10 plate from lightyear on top of my GoodPlate; it works very well.

I did get a replacement bed from Bambu but as that was a) even more warped than the OG printbed and b) I have an old revision X1C (for which the replacement involves tempering with mains lines), I refrained from doing the replacement.

Edit: attempting to answer OP’s question, I would assume that given the thickness and lack of flex in the lightyear G10 plate, it should counter all but the worst warped printbeds.

It works for me fine.

I dont always have to print perfectly flat but when i do I use my G10 Lightyear build plate. My OEM plate is slightly warped wnd it is great for 90% of my prints. You dont have to do anything just plop in and off you go to printing flat.

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The Lightyear G10 plate does have a slight amount of flex to it, so it is not completely ridgid. The magnetic pull to the bed is also quite strong, so I imagine it will get at least a little bit sucked down to any curvature. I have not tried taking any measurements though to say scientifically the difference in flatness it can make.

Just received my Lightyear plate. It is much stffer that the typically plates but it did not solve my warped bed problem. My bed is higher on the outside edges and the Lightyear plate does flex to follow the contour of the bed.

To give some practical context. I ordered a Lightyear plate, partly to help address the warping, partly because the Bambu plates kinda suck – things either stick way too well, or not at all. Sorry, glue stick is only acceptable for very specific filaments – TPU on a PEI plate, for example.

This is the curve on my bed, with the stock Bambu plates. Note, this is with my replacement bed.

For comparison, this is the curve with the Lightyear plate.

It’s not completely flat, but I also didn’t do anything other than slap the Lightyear plate on and print. It might actually now be flat enough to do large multipart functional prints. Combined with the fact that its a much more pleasant surface to print on, at least with PLA, I’d consider it a win, and worth the cost.

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Not bad for $50. Or to be perfect you could spend $260.

I like the $50 option. :+1:

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I would have actually ordered the replacement aluminum plate offered by 3018nc.com, but it’s out of stock. I am on the wait list. In my opinion, it’s what should have been designed into the printer in the first place, or something similar. In bulk manufacture, at China material and labor rates, I might have added $100-$150 to the selling price of the printer and would have removed one of big faults of the printer. Yes, not everybody cares, or has a big enough problem to impact their usage, but a number do.

For those that haven’t read the whole warped bed thread, one of the problems is that the actual heat plate is cut with a punch press – at least on early shipping units and early replacement beds. It can impart a (permanent) curve on the punched out part, but is very, very cheap in quantity.

I have a warped bed, and got a replacement bed from Bambu. I could see that the replacement was also warped, but not as much as my original. I had the option of installing this new bed, then raising another ticket, but instead, I just shimmed the original with aluminium tape to get it flatter. It’s 2 layers of tape thick in the middle and 1 layer thick a bit further to the left and right. The plate now has less deviation but now is wavy. The probing density is not dense enough to pick that up. I think a stiffer plate may help with this… (or I install the new one, then raise another ticket, and hope for a flat bed)

Still waiting on my lightyear plate. I put in a ticket with Bambu, and they sent me a replacement that was worse than my original. No way I’m going to take the time to run through those hoops and install something worse.
I’m hoping that the G10 plate, plus maybe some aluminum tape (TBD) will get it good enough.

Lightyear seems to be shipping the double sided plates very late. Just an fyi. The late october shipment of double sided plates for the x1c and the plate for the a1 still hasnt went out

They seem to be ordering inventory in small batches. I have 2 single sided plates with one being an original preorder and another ordered maybe a month later and had to wait for both. Now I ordered the new white colored plate and am waiting again. I don’t mind though with it being a small operation and very high quality product.

I agree. Just waiting on the a1 mini plate now.