Gcode for LCD and User Input

I am looking for certain gcode but I have not found it yet:
Which gcode do you have to write if you want the printer to pause and only continue after user input?
Is there a gcode to display information on the LCD (P1p)?

Maybe even both at the same time:

Magnets inserted?

and then you just have to confirm and it will continue.

Are you using Bambu Studio or Orca Slicer? They both have the ability to pause at layer height without manipulating Gcode.

when you slice the plate, use slider on rhs to go to the layer you want, right click, select ‘add pause’. If you want to see the actual g-code, open the file and go to that layer, I don’t think you can easily add text to the p1p screen.

im using Bambu Studio -----

M400 U1
ahh thanks --------

adding a magnet, with a steel nozzle, can be fun.

This may be useful -

But i want a Stop Like Stop in Place

You have the STOP or PAUZE command on both the printer’s screen and the app.

on my P1s, it pauses printing, moves the head to allow me to insert a 6mm nut, say, then I select the || on the screen, and it continues from where it should, when I use the pause from the slicer. There are other options in the link I mentioned.

yeah but if i want to make stuff stop automatic then manual pressing it makes no sense

You initially stated you wanted to insert a magnet. m400 u1 will do that. It stops automatically as I said. You have to insert the magnet, so you are at the printer, so select the run to start it off again. If you want to start it automatically, what was the point of stopping it? But the link gives you indications of modifying the m400 to do that anyway. Try it and see.

yeah okey my mistake the magnet was just an example XD
Right now i want to make an Gcode for maintenance
G1 X256
Then it should stay there till i give user input
G1 X0
Then it should stay there till i give user input

I have wanted the same thing, eg. for a bed tramming G-code that lets me measure for any length of time, but I have yet to find a solution. You can pause and hover for n seconds (like the official tramming G-code does) or you can pause until user resumes - but in the latter case it moves to the chute.

Given that the only user-intervention pause command we know is “M400 U1” and Bambu has yet to release any G-code documentation, I have to confess I’ve had the idea to try out things like “M400 U0” or “M400 U2” just to see what happens…

Good Idea ill try it -----

OK. The marlin codes (see the cross reference link I mentioned before) are not all implemented by bbl. However, if you search therein for ‘pause’ you’ll get a dozen or so, including G4, which is a more fundamental instruction compared to M codes (but I think that is time dependant to, but try it). There may be an answer. But most bed levelling devices (by chep, etc) wait for a specific time, so it may not be feasible to wait for user input in the bbl code subset.