GCODE for turning off the LED at the end of a print

While I haven’t done this yet I’m looking to do it shortly. Is there any reason anyone can think of as to why this may be a bad idea or a draw back?

Has anyone done it yet?


I´m also interested in the gcode for this. Where to put it would also help. Thanks

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Hello, so to turn off the led at the end of printing there is no Gcode usable on the other hand (in any case on my X1carbon it works perfectly) if you do not turn on the led manually at the beginning of the printing the printer must do it alone what it does at home on my X1c after doing these different controls, just after doing the 2 purge lines at the bottom on the right it turns on its own and turns it off at the end of printing

So maybe do a test without manually touching the ignition of the led see if it also works on a P1


Also interested in this

I think that should be a function out of the box in Bambu Studio

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